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Mirror – A true representation of your natural knee.

Partial Knee

The MIRROR™ Partial Knee System is a revolutionary solution designed to balance a patient’s soft tissue during unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. The Mirror instrument set allows the surgeon to prepare the femoral condyle using the patients' own unique, natural knee motion to balance soft tissue. This results in a kinematically-correct, patient-specific resurfacing of only the areas affected by arthritis.

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The Cayenne Mirror™ Partial Knee System is designed to repair only the diseased portion of knee joints where pain is limited, allowing surgeons to retain the healthy bone and tissue. This procedure is naturally conservative and does not burn bridges for subsequent knee procedures.

Partial Knee Replacement

In patients with only limited knee arthritis, known as medial compartment arthritis, surgeons may elect to perform a partial knee replacement. Some advantages of the Mirror™ Partial Knee System are that it preserves bone and cartilage, salvages your ligaments, minimizes pain, enables a rapid recovery, and provides natural balanced knee motion.

By retaining all of the undamaged parts, the joint may bend and function more naturally for a longer period of time.

Knee osteoarthritis usually occurs first in the inside portion of the joint. In knees that are otherwise healthy, a partial knee implant procedure can preserve the healthy bone, cartilage, and ligaments, potentially preventing or delaying the need for total knee replacement.