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Mirror – A true representation of your natural knee.

Partial Knee

The MIRROR™ Partial Knee System is a revolutionary solution designed to balance a patient’s soft tissue during unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. The Mirror instrument set allows the surgeon to prepare the femoral condyle using the patients' own unique, natural knee motion to balance soft tissue. This results in a kinematically-correct, patient-specific resurfacing of only the areas affected by arthritis.

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3/13/2014 Cayenne Medical Announces Launch of The Mirror™ Partial Knee System

Scottsdale, AZ—March 12, 2014 Today at the Annual Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Meeting in New Orleans, LA, Cayenne Medical, Inc. announced the launch of The Mirror™ Partial Knee System. Surgeons using the system have experienced a renewed confidence and trust in performing unicompartmental knee replacement procedures - trust once lost as a result of using traditional surgical techniques. The Mirror™ system is the only knee replacement system that uses a patient’s own ligaments to kinematically balance a patient’s knee as the definitive bone cuts are being made, not afterwards.  This unique technology balances the knee throughout the entire range of motion.

Many surgeons and their patients have already benefited from the interactive way The Mirror™ Partial Knee System uses the patient’s natural knee motion during the surgical procedure.  Ian Duncan MD, a Rothman Institute trained orthopedic surgeon in Visalia, CA, recently committed to implanting Mirror™ for all of his patients with unicompartmental arthritis. "I believe uni's are better than total knee replacements for indicated patients because it's a smaller surgery, there is less pain, offers a quicker recovery, and I can do them as an outpatient. The Mirror™ system gave me the confidence that I could put in a perfectly balanced unicompartmental knee replacement, without multiple cutting blocks, with smaller bone cuts, and most importantly without having to calculate or just qualitatively feel how to balance the ligaments.” Dr. Duncan added that “this is the most intuitive system I've used, and I believe this brings partial knee procedures to the next level, especially for those like me who don't trust the balancing in other systems.”

Strategic Acquisition

Cayenne Medical recently acquired The Mirror™ technology to enhance its portfolio of innovative and value oriented sports medicine products.  The Mirror™ was developed by Dr. Gerard A. Engh, a nationally and internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon, innovator, and researcher in partial and total knee replacement technology and surgical procedures. “Ligament balancing remains one of the most challenging and variable aspects of the partial knee replacement procedure,” said Dr. Engh. He added that “rebalancing a unicondylar knee is more challenging than a total knee because all the ligaments must be synergistically correct, including both cruciate ligaments.” Recent attempts to overcome these limitations have been made, including patient-specific cutting blocks, surgical navigation and robotics. Yet, the articular surfaces of the femur and tibia continued to be prepared independently, leaving soft tissue balancing as a corrective step after bone cuts, rather than a complementary step while bone cuts are made. “It was this limitation that led us to re-think the surgical approach from the perspective of re-establishing natural knee balance in combination with preparing the implant surfaces,” stated Dr. Engh. 

“We are very excited to be bringing this next generation partial knee system to sports medicine and total joint surgeons who previously had no alternative but to use traditional techniques and surgical methods in the hope of balancing the knee” stated David Springer, president and CEO of Cayenne Medical, Inc. He added that “it is just so intuitive that the best outcome for any patient would result from using a patient’s own ligaments to guide implant placement.” Cayenne and Dr. Engh will be showcasing the Mirror™ in its booth location # 1430 all week at the AAOS Meeting.

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