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The MIRROR™ Partial Knee System is a revolutionary solution designed to balance a patient’s soft tissue during unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. The Mirror instrument set allows the surgeon to prepare the femoral condyle using the patients' own unique, natural knee motion to balance soft tissue. This results in a kinematically-correct, patient-specific resurfacing of only the areas affected by arthritis.

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1/20/2014 Cayenne Medical Announces Acquisition

Cayenne Medical, Inc., a sports medicine device company specializing in the soft tissue reconstruction segment, announced the acquisition of the partial knee and related technologies from Alexandria Research Technologies, Inc. (ART) d/b/a TGS Knee Innovations (“TGS”).   The partial knee system, called Mirror™ by Cayenne, will enable orthopedic surgeons in sports medicine and joint replacement to perform partial knee replacement procedures in a reproducible, time and cost reducing method. Unique to the Mirror™ patented technology, orthopedic surgeons utilize a patient’s own joint ligaments to guide proper implant placement. This results in balanced knee joints, which is the most challenging and variable aspect of other partial knee replacement procedures. 

“The Mirror™ partial knee system is an ideal strategic fit for Cayenne Medical, as it expands our presence and reinforces our commitment to the sports medicine and joint preservation markets. The novel technology provides substantial benefits to Cayenne Medical and we are excited about the opportunities that the Mirror™ system bring to our customers and their patients,” said David Springer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cayenne Medical.  

The Mirror™ technology was developed by Dr. Jerry Engh and Wes Johnson. Dr. Engh is a worldwide recognized orthopedic surgeon, global thought leader, innovator, and researcher in partial and total knee replacement technology and surgical procedures. Mr. Johnson is a recognized innovator and entrepreneur in the orthopedic market space.  “Ligament balancing remains one of the most challenging and variable aspects of the partial knee replacement procedure,” said Dr. Engh. He added that “rebalancing a unicondylar knee is more challenging than a total knee because all the ligaments must be synergistically correct, including both cruciate ligaments.” Recent attempts to overcome these limitations  have been made, including patient-specific cutting blocks, surgical navigation and robotics. Yet, the implant surfaces continued to be prepared independently, followed by soft tissue balancing. “It was this limitation that led us to re-think the surgical approach from the perspective of re-establishing natural knee balance in combination with preparing the implant surfaces,” stated Dr. Engh. 

Mr. Springer continued, “Partial knee procedures are the fastest growing segment of the large joint replacement procedure market, with over 500,000 procedures performed annually in the US Market alone.” “Existing and new customers will be very well served by Cayenne Medical’s strong global sales and training presence and demonstrated long-term commitment to product innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Mr. Johnson, President and Chief Executive officer of TGS. Dr. Engh and Mr. Johnson will remain engaged in the ongoing development of the Mirror™ technologies, Dr. Engh will be a consultant and Mr. Johnson will serve as Vice President and General Manager of the new division.

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