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Mirror – A true representation of your natural knee.

Partial Knee

The MIRROR™ Partial Knee System is a revolutionary solution designed to balance a patient’s soft tissue during unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. The Mirror instrument set allows the surgeon to prepare the femoral condyle using the patients' own unique, natural knee motion to balance soft tissue. This results in a kinematically-correct, patient-specific resurfacing of only the areas affected by arthritis.

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Latest News

3/13/2014 : Cayenne Medical Announces Launch of The Mirror™ Partial Knee System

Scottsdale, AZ—March 12, 2014 — Today at the Annual Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Meeting in New Orleans, LA, Cayenne Medical, Inc. announced the launch of The Mirror™ Partial Knee System. Surgeons using the system have experienced a renewed confidence and trust in performing unicompa ...

1/20/2014 : Cayenne Medical Announces Acquisition

Cayenne Medical, Inc., a sports medicine device company specializing in the soft tissue reconstruction segment, announced the acquisition of the partial knee and related technologies from Alexandria Research Technologies, Inc. (ART) d/b/a TGS Knee Innovations (“TGS”).   The partial knee system, call ...

Partial Knee
vs. Total Knee

For patients with only one diseased knee compartment, a partial knee replacement can be an excellent option especially for those interested in maintaining an active lifestyle with a high degree of mobility and balance.

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